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SPD   Four Piece Cypress Patio Set, SPD">Four Piece Cypress Patio Set
LSP2   (sold in sets of two only), LSP2">2 1/2" oak double back rocking chair (sold in sets of two only)
CR2   2 ft cypress rocker
CG2   2 ft cypress roll glider
CS2   2 ft cypress roll swing
CRB2   2 ft cypress straight chair (2 ft cypress bench)
CHG2   2 ft diamond back swing
2OAKR   Sold in sets of two only, 2OAKR">2" oak rockers Sold in sets of two only
CR3   3 ft cypress rocker
CRB3   3 ft cypress roll bench
CG3   3 ft cypress roll glider
CS3   3 ft cypress roll swing
CHG3   3 ft diamond back swing
BB4   4 ft backless bench
CRS4   4 ft cypress regular swing
CR4   4 ft cypress rocker
CRB4   4 ft cypress roll bench
CG4   4 ft cypress roll glider
CS4   4 ft cypress roll swing
CHG4   4 ft diamond back swing
CEDR1   4" cedar rocking chair
BB5   5 ft backless bench
CSF5   5 ft cypress flip cup holder swing
CRS5   Regularly $149.99, Now $129.99, CRS5">5 ft cypress regular swing Regularly $149.99, Now $129.99
CR5   5 ft cypress rocker
CRB5   5 ft cypress roll bench
CG5   5 ft cypress roll glider
CS5   5 ft cypress roll swing
CHG5   5 ft diamond back swing
CRB5F   5 ft flip cypress roll bench
CG5F   5 ft flip cypress roll glider
BB6   6 ft backless bench
CSF6   6 ft cypress flip cup holder swing
CRS6   6 ft cypress regular swing
CS6   6 ft cypress roll swing
CHG6   6 ft diamond back swing
CRS7   7 ft cypress regular swing
CS7   7 ft cypress roll swing
CB1   Baby swing
AC1   Chain set
ACH1   Regularly $20.00, Now $10.00, ACH1">Cupholder arms Regularly $20.00, Now $10.00
ACT1   Cypress side table
PLANT   Plant Stand
SSH   Stainless steel hardware upgrade (2 ft - 5 ft products)
SSH2   Stainless steel hardware upgrade (6 ft - 7 ft products)
AS1   Swing-Mate™ comfort springs
CSB1   Swingbed

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